Selling Your Home By Yourself Or With A Realtor

If You're a Seller Going FSBO (That's For Sale By Owner) these are some things to consider before diving in:

1) Have a licensed Realtor, contractor, or inspector take a look at your property prior to placing it on the market. They can advise you on things that may need correcting in order to avoid problems at closing. A potential buyer may see deferred maintenance as a reason to write a less than acceptable offer or not to write an offer at all.

2) Using flyers you've collected in the neighborhood or browsing the internet to price your home are common mistakes sellers make. In a rapidly changing market, a professional opinion is necessary in order to price a home, because it takes into account the most recent sales of similar homes within a 2 mile radius. It is better to contact a Realtor or licensed appraiser to determine a list price, rather than simply guess.

3) Be careful not to allow personal feelings and emotions or your financial situation determine your list price. Every seller thinks their home is the best, worth the most, etc. (This is another reason to have a licensed Realtor over before placing your home on the market. They've already seen the best of the best and know how to bring out the very "best" in your home as well.)

4) No matter what, the most important, hands-down-single-best-asset your home has is location. LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! You've heard it before and will continue to hear it from industry professionals. Only your professional Realtor can determine the value of your home based on its condition and location in a non-emotional way.

5) Don't think that because you are putting your home on the market that you need to run out and buy the newest and best in home decor. Before you lift a finger to or spend a cent on a new item for your home, consult a Realtor or stager. A Realtor knows how to present your home to attract the broadest audience.

6) Please, don't listen to the media, which has a tendency to sensationalize the housing market. Current market conditions can change by the DAY and vary between cities, areas, and even neighborhoods. All homes can sell and there is a buyer for every home, when a home is presented on the market with the fairest price and in excellent condition.

7) Don't Go FSBO. Successful FSBO transactions are the exception not the rule. Don't assume you are the exception. Only 10-14% of all properties sold nationally, will sell without an agent. Additionally, if you are considering a short sale, a FSBO transaction will be nearly impossible. You need an attorney or experienced Realtor to facilitate this kind of transaction. Lastly, don't make this your full time job, unless it is your ambition to become a full time licensed Realtor.

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