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Though it may seem like cleaning house is the best way to getting a home ready to go on the market, there is more to staging a home than meets the eye. When preparing your home to go on the market, pretend you are the discerning buyer. When you walk in the door, what is your initial reaction? Is there a lot of clutter in corners and on countertops and shelving? Do you notice the architectural features? Focus on how you feel. Is it warm, inviting, light and bright? Or does it feel dull, drab, and untidy? Any combination of these first impressions can sway a potential buyer to want to write an offer or head for the hills and never look back.

As a Realtor, I understand how important the overall look and feel of a home can affect the value of a property. The more distracted a buyer gets by your clutter, the harder it is for them to imagine themselves living in the home. The goal is to make a potential buyer feel at home in your home and start imagining where their things belong.

When we do an initial walk through of your home, I'll share with you tips and tricks to maximize floor space, implement proven decorating concepts, and more. You will know exactly what should be done in order to get your home looking picture perfect, and I'll hire a fabulous staging consultant when necessary. Myself and my team of experts take pride in helping you to bring out the beauty in your home. Now let's get it sold!

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